Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dispatch 56: Sammy Chong Salazar doing what he does best...playin' bass, now in Sid Terror's Undead!

(Lto R: Sid Terror, Steve Moriarty, Kristi Kremes, Sammy Chong Salazar)
Dispatch 56: When not busy with his main squeeze the ultimate drone lords Solar Maximum, bassist/producer/engineer Sammy Chong Salazar is busy with his other projects, and as of late, the bass players seat in the legendary Sid Terror's Undead!
 Steve Moriarty of The Wolves in Argyle and formally of The Gits pounding the drums and Kristi Kremes of Sex Star thrashin' on guitar rounds out the new and very alive Sid Terror's Undead! Fast, catchy hook-laden punk rock with a 1950's horror film theme comes thru in song like Graveyard 69, Monster A-Go-Go and Halloween 365!
 Sid Terror's Undead formed in L.A in 1977 before relocating up to the SF bay area. They released a slew of singles and a few albums did lots of sporadic touring.
Look out, the reformed band is planning to hit the stage in the summer 2017.
Catch Sammy live with Solar Maximum on June 8 at Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco then June 10th at The Fireside Lounge in Alameda, Ca.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Dispatch 55: Solar Maximum perform LIVE at The Octopus in Oakland!

Dispatch 55: Northern California's ultimate drone lords, Solar Maximum venture out of their quite El Cerrito HQ to perform for the masses at The Octopus Literary Salon in DT Oakland. The experimental psychedelic duo of Sammy and Heather Salazar are performing with friends Matt Baldwin, a folk psyche guitarist from the Berkeley, Ca folk-psyche scene of the mid-2000's and former Brian Jonestown Massecre alum and Birdman Records artist Brian Glaze &Tiffany's.
 The show is billed as a Night of Psyche and Drone and judging by the weight of the bill, its promises to be a fun evening on both counts.
 Solar Maximum start the night performing their Ritual of Duality at 10pm sharp, followed by folk psyche troubadour Brian Glaze & Tiffany's. Berkeley, California folk-electronic-psyche wizard rounds out the evening.
 The Octopus Literary Salon (2101 Webster) in DT Oakland, Ca. is a cafe & bookstore that hosts events ranging from book readings, poerty to music and more.
 The Night of Psyche and Drone starts at 10pm and goes til midnight.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Dispatch 54: Psych-Out with New Single "Defines the Time" by SMDS

Dispatch 54: MCL Recording Co is pleased to make available the third SMDS offering titled Defines the Time.  A droning 7 minute psych trance grove that moves and slithers around on the hot desert sand like a snake. A video for the track was also released today.
 The track was recorded by Sammy and Heather at MCL then produced, mixed and mastered by DS at Casa Mar Vista.
 SMDS is the collaboration between Sammy and Heather's Solar Maximum, the dual bass psyche-drone duo and dark experimental sound artist DS Peligro. All are MCL Recording artists and have multiple releases available in digital and limited edition vinyl at the MCL Bandcamp site.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dispatch 53: Update on Brick and Mortars Carrying MCL Vinyl

Hercules Records - Berkeley, Ca.
Uranian Fire - Solar Maximum
Dispatch 53: As a big fan of vinyl albums, one of my greatest thrills in life is walking into a record store to shop. Whether it's one of my often-visited favorites or a brand new one I just spotted on that new street I'd never been on before, standing at the threshold and staring into a room full of every, single possibility is awesome. In my mind's eye I see
all of my favorite records. All the ones I've had on my "will-score" list forever. They could all be in this store at this very moment waiting for me to flip right to them. Yeah!
 So my next thought is: where to start? I have different methods for different stores but I usually employ the "must-hit" method first anywhere I go in case time is short.  Then, if time permits, a more meticulous going-thru is in order.  The "must-hit" bins are the ones that are always necessary.  Right now those are: Bob Dylan. Fuck. Geto Boys. GnR. Melvins. Om. Posies. Ramones. Sleep
Thao's Sunday - DS Peligro
At Heights Vinyl - Houston, Tx.
Then, if i haven't already scored something that stresses my budget for the stop, I usually flip alphabetical and by section. Rock. Metal. Hip hop. Experimental, etc. I'll take my record store just like that, thanks.
  Like book stores, record stores rock and are a very necessary part of any culture. As an artist who makes records, and a fan who loves to find and listen to them, I send a big thanks to all indie record store proprietors out there.
  I'm seeing the experimental and psyche sections at some of these stores getting bigger. That can only mean one thing, more cool records! It's a happening time my friends.

  Here's an updated list of brick and mortar record stores that carry vinyl by MCL bands like psyche-drone duo Solar Maximum and the experimental rock stylings of DS Peligro.
The list is growing, so check back to the blog sidebar where the most up-to-date list can be found.


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dispatch 52: 4 New Thoughts by pallasCatfight

musician and poet pallasCatfight
Dispatch 52: "Both the price and reward of incarnation" is the latest poetic audio offering by pallasCatfight, an alter ego of SF bay Area based poet and musician Heather Salazar. Using just her voice, and knowing just when to break the pause, the thoughts about desire and emotions she delivers becomes a very intimate conversation.
 The poems were released on MCL Recording Co. thru the pallasCatfight Soundcloud page.
 Heather pallasCatfight is one half of psyche-drone duo Solar Maximum.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dispatch 51: Happy new Solar Maximum...*spacetime distortion

Dispatch 51: With the new year comes a new release from the ultimate drone lords.
(*Some witnesses report actual spacetime distortion) pt1 is the title of this slow, deep emotional soundtrack. True to form, the low bass plows onward allowing the soaring nature of the astrobass to come clear. The temporal beat seems to emanate from under water and merely hints at the rhythm, leaving only room for the feelings angst, the wanting for closure. In the end, no such relief. Pt 2? Maximalist. Purely.
 The track is only available as a stream on the bands Soundcloud page but will hit the MCL Bandcamp store upon release of the EP, sometime very soon. Look back here for details.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dispatch 50: Explosion or Implosion: ATTN:Magazine Thinks the Latter

Dispatch 50: Sounds like Jack at ATTN:Magazine in England had a really good experience while listening to our album for review. He writes about the implosion sensibility of the record, an inward look as opposed to an outward expression of the album. He then paints a really great visual picture with words.
 ATTN:Magazine is based in Bournemouth, England and features interviews, articles and reviews on new experimental music and sounds.
 Read the review here.